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Joyful Imperfection

InvisibleDo you ever feel invisible?

I do sometimes.

And by sometimes I mean more than sometimes. It’s a real struggle that I have. But the truth is that you aren’t invisible. Neither am I.

Psalm-3v3It’s something that has been said over and over again. You having meaning to God. Yes. Sure. I’ve known that since I was old enough to know who God is. But have you really thought about it? Think about yourself for a moment [for the majority of us, that’s not too difficult to do]. Now, think about this: you will never be invisible to God, your Creator. The same God who created not only David, Moses, and John, but the same God who created the sun and the Earth and the intricately designed workings of your cells. That God notices you each and every second. In fact, He notices you so much that He is chasing…

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